Whale Spa - Valentino Excess Pedicure Spa


Whale Spa - Excess Pedicure Spa

True to its name, the Whale Spa Valentino Excess is large, spacious, and surely not modest. For salons and hotels wanting to stand out; the Excess features a bold modern design, 18k rose gold dipped accents, and genuine Italian leather with Whale Spa Chevron seats. The state of the art Caresst Massage™ system is full function, reliable, and extremely durable. Whale Spa proudly manufactures the Excess in the USA.
  • Genuine Italian leather with Whale Spa’s exclusive Chevron seats
  • Accents dipped in 18k Rose Gold 
  • Vent system compatible 
  • Purse Holder
  • Large and spacious foot basin 
  • Caresst Massage™

WHALE SPA CARESST MASSAGE™ - The next generation of massage systems. Amongst other innovations, this massage is built on a dual steel gear rail system rather than conventional corkscrew designs providing a smoother massage and a more reliable mechanism. Robust enough to provide years of reliable service, Caresst massage™ is commercial grade, quiet, and feels great!

POWER SEAT CONTROLLER - Conveniently located at the front, the Power Seat Controller allows the pedicure technician to adjust the chair without disturbing the client.

MAGNET JET Pipe-free magnetic whirlpool jets that are easy to clean and accept disposable liners. Additional magnet jet heads can be purchased separately so that disinfected heads can be ready to use for the next client with minimal chair downtime.

GENUINE ITALIAN LEATHER Our leather is full grain and automotive grade, providing unparalleled strength, breathability, and suppleness. It is simply the best. 3 year warranty on leather.


IFILL WITH MAGNET JET - With the press of a button, the spa basin will fill with water, at the appropriate level, the water will automatically shut off, the jet will run and the LED light will turn on. Works with disposable spa liners.

AIR VENT SYSTEM - Built into the pedicure chair base near the client’s feet, these dual air vents are capable of connecting to a salon’s ventilation system in order to lessen dust and odor.

DISCHARGE PUMP - Unless your plumbing is designed specifically to accommodate Pedicure Spas, you may need a discharge pump to be able to access the plumbing system remotely.


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