Whale Spa - Lexi Technician Stool 1009


Whale Spa - Lexi Technician Stool 1009

**Please be sure to select the appropriate height option for your application: 2 Adjustable height range options:  13 to 15.5 inches ( Pedicure ), or 16 - 21 inches ( Manicure )

**Custom colors may take approximately 2 weeks to produce

This lovely quilted leather stool adjusts easily and rapidly to provide your nail technicians with a comfortable, flexible seating option that also provides great lumbar support. Nail technicians may spend hours seated in relatively awkward positions, so it is very important to protect their backs and arms from undue strain. These chairs do that well and give technicians a comfortable way to get their jobs done.

These chairs are also beautiful and add a touch of class to any spa or salon. The comfortable padding on the seat and back cradle the body while the beautiful enduro leather always looks great. An adjustable gas lift allows the technician to quickly go from a low seated height of 19" to a high seated height of 27 inches ( standard height stool ), from 16 - 21 inches with the lower manicure height, or from 13"-15.5" on the lowest height option. Treat your nail technicians to a beautiful, comfortable seat that will look great in your spa or salon no matter where you use them.

Choose from 3 different stool heights - Manicure tech high, or medium heights, and low pedicure tech height.



  • Enduro Leather made in USA
  • Diamond Quilted Leather
  • Chemical resistant
  • Manicure tech ranges: 19" - 27" (Also available in optional seat height range: 16" - 21")
  • Pedicure tech range: 13"-15.5"
  • US Patent No. D781


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