Whale Spa - Acrylic Shield for Manicure Table

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Whale Spa - Acrylic Shield for Manicure Table

Whale Spa Acrylic Sneeze Guard/Shield is made in the USA with the latest cutting technology to provide super smooth corners, and could be used for any retailers, including nail salons, medical offices, banks, restaurants, and more...

The material we use is premium grade super clear acrylic -- minimal reflection, very durable, light-weight, and easy to clean.  

Installation takes less than a minute with no tools needed.  Simply insert the shield to the slit of the stands on both side and done!  Do the opposite and you could take the shield apart, and store it.   

30"W x 23"H (adjustable to 26")

How to clean my acrylic sneeze shield?

Blow dust and dirt off the sneeze shield using air dust can or a blow dryer before cleaning because dust or dirt could be abrasive to acrylic shield.

Avoid using products with alcohol, ammonia, or aromatics. Products like Windex, which contain alcohol, will significantly damage acrylic shield.

Also avoid solvents such as acetone, dry-cleaning fluid, or any gritty cleanser or polish, as they will damage the surface of the shield

Use damped towel with mild soap water to clean surface.

Use a microfiber cloth to prevent surface scratches.

See Wiki-How for more details and infographics on cleaning your shield - 


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