J & A - Toepia GX Pedicure Spa


J & A - Toepia GX Pedicure Spa

The signature pedicure throne, Toepia GX pedicure spa, has a name that speaks for itself. An unmatched achievement in design with fine upholstery, an elegant and durable glass bowl and flawless pipe-less whirlpool system sets Toepia GX pedicure spa apart from the ordinary.


Side Tray with Cup Holder - Smooth, traditional and minimal, the fold-away armrest is designed for convenience and ease of access.

New Technician Button - Re-position clients with the built in technician remote.


Telescopic Footrest - Individually controlled height-adjustable footrests add to comfort and support.
Massage Remote - The interactive remote control, conveniently placed for easy access, features a range of massage settings.


Optional Add-On Upgrades - 
  • Magnetic Motor - Magnetic whirpool jet is fast and easy to use, making sanitizing and maintenance effortless.
  • Discharge Pump - This compact pump is designed to be used to aid in the removal of water from pedicure spas. Discharge pump is needed if your drain is more than 3 inches off the floor.

  • Soft Liner - These disposable pedi-spa liners are designed to work with Magna Jet Pipeless motors that detach from the basin wall. It allow for easy cleaning and sanitation of your pedicure spa.
  • Autofill - Sensor on a motor that prevents water from overflowing. Auto fill cannot be used with disposable liner/Magna Jet.
  • Ventilation Setup - NEW Ventilation System is available for Cleo GX Pedicure Chair.

    Choose from 4 different upholstery colors - Black, Chocolate, Orange, or Taupe.



    Choose From 3 Base Trims - Blue Metalic, Gold Metalic, Red Metalic


    Choose From 3 Bowl Colors


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