Gulfstream - Super Relax Pedicure Spa


Gulfstream - Super Relax Pedicure Spa

**These beautiful chairs need to be assembled, and typically ship out about 2 weeks after the order is placed

Experience Luxury with the New Super Relax Waterdance pedicure unit.
This unit comes equipped with multi massage systems giving you a full soothing body massage.

This is a total relaxation unit, with a stunning crystal bowl which reflects the sophistication of this unit. This system also comes equipped with the latest technology in massage and jet systems. The material is easy to clean and maintain The sliding arms on this unit make for easy accessibility to the chair itself.

• Luxurious, Reliable, Comfortable
• Great for manicure, pedicure, waxing, facial, and eyelash extensions
• Three different options for massage including the relaxing back roller massage.
• Also it has one remote for the customer, with the seat forward/backward button conveniently placed for the technician.
• Elevate customer’s feet to a comfortable position for technicians
• Lose yourself in total relaxation.


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