Ventilation Code Basics

As you may know, proper ventilation is crucial in nail salons to ensure the health and safety of both customers and employees. But did you know that there are specific code requirements that must be followed to ensure that your salon meets the proper ventilation standards?

The International Mechanical Code (IMC) sets the standards for ventilation in nail salons. The code requires that nail salons have a minimum of 25 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of outdoor air per person, as well as a minimum of 50 CFM of exhaust ventilation per nail station. The exhaust ventilation (also known as SOURCE CAPTURE) must also be directed to the outside of the building, away from any windows or doors that could allow the fumes to re-enter the building.

For all the SOURCE CAPTURE air that goes out of the building, the same amount of fresh air must be brought back in...That's called MAKE-UP AIR.

SalonSafe ventilation does both.

In addition, the IMC requires that ventilation systems be properly maintained and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure their effectiveness. This includes changing air filters and cleaning air ducts to remove any buildup of dust, dirt, or debris.

It is important to note that these code requirements are not optional. They are designed to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the salon, and failure to comply with them can result in fines and other penalties.

If you are unsure whether your salon meets the proper ventilation standards, we recommend consulting with a licensed HVAC contractor, engineer or a building inspector. They can assess your current situation and make recommendations for any necessary upgrades or improvements.

In addition to meeting code requirements, there are other steps you can take to improve ventilation in your salon. These include using low-VOC products, keeping your salon clean and well-ventilated, and encouraging employees to take breaks outside.

In conclusion, proper ventilation is not just important for the health and safety of your customers and employees, but it is also required by code. By following the IMC standards and taking additional steps to improve air quality, you can create a safer and healthier environment for everyone in your salon.

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